Customers who have been with us for decades will tell you that we have a service-focused mentality. Our honesty, integrity, years of experience, and commitment to excellence provides our customers with the most responsive and cost-effective janitorial services available anywhere. The testimonials below give a glimpse of who we are and what we do.



“I would like to express my gratitude for the excellent service provided by Morgan Services Group. Thanks very much for the speedy and professional service!”

Sport Clips Owner


“I highly recommend Morgan Services for businesses seeking a commercial cleaning service. The folks at Morgan Services take pride in their work and aren’t satisfied until I’m satisfied. As a result, I stay very satisfied!

Their people are punctual, polite and extremely thorough which really does make a difference in our workplace

I’ve tried many commericial cleaning services over the years and have found Morgan Services to be superior in every way.”

Tom Taggart

ISC Building Materials
Regional Manager – South Texas





“I highly recommend Morgan Services for businesses seeking a commercial cleaning service. We have used Morgan Services to handle our janitorial supplies and services since September 2010. Prior to that, we had tried a number of janitorial services with very unsuccessful results.

Morgan Services has always maintained a professional crew and great results; they take pride in their work and aren’t satisfied unless we are satisfied.

Their employees are extremely thorough which really makes a difference in our workplace

We could not be more satisfied with Morgan Services or with Tommy”

Peggy Snyder
Office Admistrator



“I would like to extend a great deal of gratitude towards the staff of Morgan Services to let them know they have done a great job keeping our office in great condition and very professional

I would highly recommend this company to anyone not only for the excellent service but also for the excellent customer service.”

Amber Lott
Office Coordinator



“Tamer Morgan handles our janitorial service in our building. I have personally worked with Tamer for the past year. I am very picky about the cleanliness of my building and probably Tamer’s worst nightmare. But, in spite of my high expectations, Tamer performs well. He responds promptly to any concerns that I might have and repairs problems immediately.

Choosing a janitorial service and finding someone that is dependable and consistent is not an easy task. I highly recommend Tamer. If you have any questions, please feel free to call me.”

Kenneth J. Hunter

ISC Building Materials
Regional Manager, South Texas